Pilot Project Reducing Road Speeds in Crown Isle

April 14, 2022

The City of Courtenay is launching a pilot project in the Crown Isle neighbourhood to reduce the posted vehicle speed limit in the area from Courtenay’s default speed of 50 km/hour to 40 km/hour, improving comfort for those traveling on foot, by bike, or with mobility aids.

The Speed Limit Reduction Pilot Project will begin on Tuesday, April 19, and is expected to continue for approximately one year. 

The study area includes the Crown Isle neighbourhood south of Ryan Road and east of Lerwick Road. Signage will be posted in the area alerting commuters to the reduced speed.

“Excessive speed has been an ongoing concern expressed by the residents of Crown Isle over the last several years,” said Courtenay Mayor Bob Wells. “With the support of the neighbourhood, we’re launching this speed limit reduction pilot project in their area to see how effective speed limit reductions are in curbing this behaviour. I’d like to thank staff for doing the ground work on this initiative, and to the Comox Valley RCMP for their efforts to monitor and enforce vehicle speeds throughout our community.”

Last September, Courtenay Council directed staff to pursue the speed limit reduction pilot project. Since that time, baseline data on traffic speed and volumes has been collected, with additional data to be gathered during the study period and reviewed by City staff. Once the pilot project is complete the results will be reported back to Council.

The Comox Valley RCMP are aware of this pilot project and have been monitoring speeds in Crown Isle over the last several months. Monitoring by the Comox Valley RCMP will continue throughout the study period as RCMP resources allow.