Puntledge River Public Safety Announcement

May 25, 2022

A cluster of fallen trees has been lodged downstream from the Condensory Bridge for several months. They are on the right side of the river when facing downstream. The City has been monitoring the trees throughout the winter in hopes they would dislodge themselves.

With the weather warming up, and as the trees pose a hazard for recreational river users, the City of Courtenay is working with a local environmental consultant on a plan to safely remove these fallen trees from the river. This tree removal will be much more complex than those performed in previous years. The work will be highly technical and dangerous.

At this time, we expect the work to start as early as Thursday, May 26 and continue for several days next week. In the meantime, please stay out of this section of the river for your safety.

Weather, natural river flows, environmental sensitivity, and BC Hydro water release are all factors influencing the timing of this work.

Comox Valley Ground Search and Rescue advises that all rivers are dynamic environments and are constantly changing. New hazards can appear in areas that have been benign for years. Always wear a PFD, use caution, and maintain vigilance when recreating on any river system.