Two-way traffic on the 5th Street Bridge will be restored soon

February 14, 2022

We’re nearing the finish line!

The 5th Street Bridge is reopening to two-way traffic in the coming days. Weather permitting, the target reopening date is Thursday, February 17.

Please watch for the following changes in the area as the reopening approaches:

  • Removing temporary signage, road markings, and traffic signals
  • Removing the temporary priority lane for transit and emergency vehicles
  • Removing the bridge detour and returning to two-way bridge traffic
  • Restoring bus stops on Cliffe and Anderton avenues to their permanent locations
  • Reopening 5th Street Bridge south sidewalk

Dismantling and clean-up of the construction area will continue over the coming weeks.

While crews will work as quickly as they can to implement these changes, there will be a transition period. Please drive carefully in the construction area and pay close attention to signage throughout the week.  

Please reduce speeds around traffic control personnel and construction crews, for their safety and yours.

Thank you to residents, businesses, and commuters for your patience throughout construction. The investment in this essential transportation corridor for the Comox Valley has preserved and extended its life well into the future. To learn more visit