BC Hydro Funding Supports Habitat Restoration in Courtenay

November 29, 2023

The City of Courtenay has completed a substantial restoration planting project thanks to $7,500 in grant funding from BC Hydro's Community ReGreening Program.

The project has revitalized habitat areas and tree canopy cover in several Courtenay areas where nature has been impacted over time by our built environment. This effort marks a significant step towards addressing the impacts of disturbance on local natural areas, reinforcing the City's dedication to environmental sustainability.

The main planting areas included:

  • Northridge Trail – near Klanawa Crescent 
  • Riverway Trail – near 19th Street
  • Piercy Greenspace – near 2880 Arden Road (not publicly accessible)

By incorporating native and adaptable non-native species, the City aims to develop a resilient urban forest capable of withstanding the challenges posed by longer and drier warm seasons. Invasive and non-native vegetation was removed, and mulch and compost added. The mulch inhibits weed growth, supports soil health, and conserves moisture – essential for the well-being of newly planted vegetation.

Over 1,000 indigenous shrubs and trees, mostly in the 1-gallon pot size, were planted in the spring and fall of 2023 in designated areas. Plants were selected based on current local conditions and the impacts of our changing climate.

The City's commitment extends beyond planting. the Parks Division has designed an ongoing maintenance plan to nurture the newly-established trees and shrubs, including monitoring, targeted irrigation, replenishing mulch, ongoing invasive plant removal, and selective pruning.

The BC Hydro Community ReGreening Program supports the planting of trees and other vegetation that help enhance ecological networks across the province. For more information visit www.bchydro.com/regreening.