City Launches Interactive ‘Balancing Act’ Online Budget Simulator

November 1, 2023

How would you balance the budget for an entire city?

The City of Courtenay is launching a virtual tool that will give residents hands-on experience in shaping Courtenay’s 2024-2028 financial plan, and share their budget choices with the City.

The new Balancing Act budget simulator launches today, November 1 at

Courtenay Mayor Bob Wells said the budget simulator is a user-friendly way for residents to provide feedback on the City’s financial plan. “We’re excited to see the launch of this new tool because it takes what for many people might be a really complex topic and presents it in a much more accessible way,” said Wells. “There’s a significant amount of work by staff that goes into developing the City’s budget every year for Council’s consideration, and it can be challenging for anyone without an accounting background to understand how that process works. 

“Balancing Act allows residents to provide feedback on what services and programs matter the most to them, and see how their choices affect the budget as a whole. It also increases awareness and understanding of the budget process and financial operations of the city.”

Survey respondents will provide input on revenue and expense service categories in the City’s 2024 financial plan, increasing or decreasing revenue and expenditures to arrive at a balanced budget that reflects their priorities and values.

Additional information, reports and documentation will be added to the City website as the budget and financial plans progress over the coming months.

The survey closes on November 22, 2023 at midnight.