City Responds to BC Housing Announcement of Super 8 Hotel Purchase

May 29, 2023

Transparency and public engagement key to this and other successful housing projects: Mayor Bob Wells

The City has been notified that BC Housing is moving residents from the Travelodge to the Super 8. BC Housing is in the process of submitting a temporary-use permit (TUP) application to the City of Courtenay in relation to the Super 8 as the current zoning does not allow for supportive housing. The application outlines requirements for community consultation and public engagement, as well as site plans, and building and safety inspections to confirm occupancy and code requirements. Once the application requirements are met the TUP request will be brought forward to Council for consideration.

Mayor Bob Wells says while the City of Courtenay is disappointed that BC Housing and the Province of BC were unable to purchase the Travelodge property for supportive housing, City staff will work closely with BC Housing as it finalizes the purchase of the Super 8 Motel and looks to transition residents over to the new location.

 “Our community wants to be an engaged partner with the province and BC Housing, working together to solve this much-needed supportive housing issue,” said Wells. “That partnership includes recognizing the important individual roles played by our city and the province. That said, we also recognize that as the senior level of government, the province, through BC Housing, can proceed under its own authority, which includes by-passing any city process or community expectations. Finding that working balance that respects the community and solves the housing issue is front-and-centre for city council right now.”

Wells added that he will continue to ensure the province is fully aware of Courtenay’s concerns and expectations, particularly as the city “strives for a cooperative and meaningful working relationship” that helps solve this important local housing issue.

“To be clear, like the Province of BC, the City of Courtenay recognizes the need for a timely and practical housing solution that works now and into the future, ensuring the sort of long-term success all of us are working towards,” said Wells. “I want our city to work alongside the provincial government and BC Housing. That level of cooperation is critical for this project and others to come.”