For cemetery inquiries, information on cemetery services or to schedule a personal appointment with staff, please email cemeteryadmin@courtenay.ca or call 250-334-4441 (ext. 7241). For your convenience, we can also provide services via phone, email or Canada Post.


The Courtenay Civic Cemetery is located  on the north side of Courtenay, at 4768 Old Island Highway, between Muir Road and Veterans Memorial Parkway.

Documents and Publications

Visiting Hours

The cemetery is open to the public seven days a week from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, except during winter months when it closes at dusk.

Please note: Dogs are prohibited in the cemetery.

Locate a Gravesite

For further assistance, please contact the Legislative Services Department, 250-334-4441 (ext. 7241) or email cemeteryadmin@courtenay.ca

Cemetery Plots, Products, and Services

To learn about options at the Courtenay Civic Cemetery, including products and services, staff would be pleased to assist you by appointment. Please call 250-334-4441 (ext. 7241) or email cemeteryadmin@courtenay.ca

Cemetery Features

Floral Offerings

  • Following interment, floral arrangements and wreaths may remain for one week
  • Fresh cut flowers may be placed throughout the year. Please use the in-ground vases provided
  • Visitors may place one potted plant up to 6" diameter for one week at Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Remembrance Day and Christmas
  • Artificial flowers or plastic wreaths are permitted between November 1 -  March 31, after which they will be removed and placed in the general pick up area
  • For the safety of the public, grounds maintenance crews, as well as the appearance of the cemetery, the following items are not permitted:  Personal mementos, photos, decorative vases, candles, landscape rock, borders, fencing, plant hooks, solar lights, plants and plantings. Items placed at gravesites will be removed and placed in the general pick up area
  • Please do not plant, remove  or disturb any trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, bulbs or rocks  

Other Information

  • To transfer a plot to another person, please submit a letter to the City of Courtenay with particulars on the person to whom the transfer is to be made. Transfer fees will apply.
  • Plots may be sold back to the City for the original price paid, minus a care fund portion
  • The City reserves the right to limit the number of plot sales to any one individual
  • A cremation certificate is required for all cremated remains interments
  • The inurnment of cremated remains must be completed within 90 days of all fees being paid
  • Scattering of cremated remains is permitted only in the designated scattering garden and upon completion of a scattering authorization form and schedule date and time with City staff
  • Any person disturbing the quiet and good order of the cemetery may be evicted by City staff
  • All memorial markers are installed by City staff