Scattering Garden

Scattering GardenThe scattering garden allows families to scatter the cremated remains of loved ones in a permanent reflective setting. 

Cremated remains, whether placed in the scattering garden, in a niche or in the ground, are treated with the same dignity as traditional casket burial, and a permanent record is created and kept within the cemetery database. Families should be aware that when cremated remains are placed in a scattering garden they are non-recoverable.

Memorial Options

  • The garden includes two granite memorial books for families to place a 3" x 4" bronze memorial in memory of their loved one.  Families may place a memorial on this granite book even if the loved one is located in another cemetery or elsewhere. Bronze plaques are supplied by the City.
  • Memorial boulders are a natural, environmentally friendly way to memorialize a loved one.  Memorial boulders are located within the scattering garden and are available for purchase.  Memorial boulders may have up to two 4" x 6" bonze plaques.  Porcelain portraits are also available. Contact City Hall for more details.

The scattering of cremated remains can be performed by the family, or the City may perform the scattering on behalf of the family considering all proper permissions are received and fees paid.  For more information please contact City Hall at 250-334-4441 or email