ColumbariumThe Courtenay Cemetery is home to three columbariums.

Each columbarium features a polished granite base, top and pillars, highlighted by individual black doors.

The columbarium’s compartments, or niches, each hold up to two urns. A patented security system protects each niche against unauthorized access and vandalism. The City also offers cremation urns and porcelain memorial portraits.

Niche Interior Dimensions

11.5” deep, 11.5” wide and 11.5” high. The front opening is smaller, 10 ½", so the urn may need to be tipped slightly to enter the niche.


(fees effective March 16, 2009)

11.5" x 11.5" niche space: $1,000 for resident ($1,800 for non resident)

Opening & closing: $100 ($150 weekends)

Pre-need Bronze plaque (Surname Only): $475

Bronze Plaque with first name scroll (when ordered at time of need) $475

First and Second name scrolls: $125 each (ordered at time of need)

Porcelain memorial portrait: contact us for size and price ranges

Detailed Niche Availability Maps

For a detailed map showing the availability of each columbarium select the name of the columbarium you are interested in. Each niche space is numbered and the niches available for reservation are highlighted in green. You can reference that niche number when making arrangements for reservations. Cemetery admin staff will be happy to confirm availability with you. Please note only the columbariums with availabity are shown below (Alder, Oak and Cedar have no reserbable spaces remaining).

G Section Map Showing Names and Locations of Each Columbarium: G Section Map - Updated Jan 2023.pdf [PDF - 700 KB]

The maps below are updated as changes occur

Columbarium Frequently Asked Questions