Public Hearings

Public hearings in the City of Courtenay are going virtual.

Several options are now available for members of the public to have their say on proposed bylaws for applications such as zoning changes, development permits with variances, and amendments to the Official Community Plan.

Public Hearing Agendas (past and upcoming)

Options to participate include:

  1. Live by Zoom webinar
    The webinar link for each meeting will be posted on its Public Hearing webpage. View upcoming Public Hearings

  2. Phone conferencing
    Phone number and passcode for each meeting will be posted on its Public Hearing webpage. View upcoming Public Hearings

  3. Watch live online via the City of Courtenay’s YouTube channel

  4. Submit written comments
    By email:
    By mail: Development Services, 830 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay B.C. V9N 2J7
    Written submissions must be received by 1 p.m. on the day of the public hearing to be considered.


Tips for Participating in a Public Hearing

  • For greater effectiveness and clarity, you are encouraged to submit your comments in writing in advance
  • Listen for participation instructions and wait until you are recognized by the Chair to speak

Speaking at the Virtual Public Hearing

The Chair will open the Public Hearing, and the applicant for the proposed land use change will have the first opportunity to address the hearing. The Chair will then provide instructions to speakers on how to indicate their desire to speak and call for representation from the public. Individuals may speak when recognized by the Chair.

To ensure everyone wishing to speak has the opportunity to do so, each speaker will have 5 minutes to speak for their first address. Once everyone wishing to speak has spoken, speakers may request a subsequent opportunity to share new information.

Once called upon by the Chair, begin your comments by clearly stating your name and civic address. and confirm the item you are commenting on. Comments are to be directed to the Chair and must relate to the subject bylaw. You may not debate a point of view expressed by other speakers.

To seek clarification, members of Council may ask questions, however the main function of a public hearing is to listen to your views and not engage in debate.

If a speaker wishes to seek clarification on statements made by a previous speaker, direct questions to the Chair. The Chair will decide whether the previous speaker should have an opportunity at that time to clarify the point raised.

No member of the public who deems an interest in his or her property is affected will be, nor should feel discouraged, intimidated, or otherwise prevented from making their views known.  Inappropriate language, outbursts or criticisms aimed at individuals or groups will not be tolerated.

Following a public hearing, the meeting notes are available by request. To request Public Hearing notes, please email

Read the City of Courtenay's official Public Hearing Policy [PDF - 14 KB]