Recycling and Garbage

The City of Courtenay’s solid waste collection service is aimed at reducing the volume of landfill waste by diverting reclaimable materials at the curb. Curbside collection includes garbage, recycling, and yard waste.

Households are permitted one (1) garbage container per week. Extra bag tickets are available for purchase at City Hall.

There is no limit to the amount of recyclables and yard waste that can be left at the curb.

Courtenay Collects


Curbside collection is scheduled by area, from Tuesday through Friday. Garbage and yard waste are collected weekly, while recycling occurs on bi-weekly basis. Please consult the City’s Residential Waste Collection Program pamphlet for details.

Updated: 2019-2020 Waste Collection Guide [PDF - 1 MB]
Due to an editing error, the original 2019-2020 Waste Collection Guide displayed incorrect weeks for bi-weekly recycling pickup from December 2019 to May 2020.