Traffic Safety

Nobody ever plans for a car crash on their commute, but it can happen when we least expect it.  According to ICBC, there were 1,900 crashes in Courtenay in 2012, resulting in approximately 580 injured victims and 20 pedestrian crashes.  While the crash rate in our community and across BC has declined slightly over the past few years, there is still room for improvement.

How can I help?

Keeping Courtenay’s roads safe means all road users need to do their part  ̶  by remaining alert and commuting defensively.  ICBC has a number of fact sheets with tips and tricks on how to keep yourself and your fellow road users safe, including:

Courtenay Safety Improvement Projects

The City of Courtenay is also focused on reducing road risks, with several improvement projects in recent years designed to increase safety for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. Projects include:

Happening in 2015:

2nd Street Upgrades - England to Cliffe Avenues

New sidewalks, pavement, and curbs. Temporary traffic calming measures will be made permanent with added landscaping.  

12th Street Upgrades - Urquhart to Stewart Avenues

New sidewalks, pavement, curbs, landscaping. Curb extensions will be added at all intersections for traffic calming.

Lerwick Road Widening

Widening Lerwick Road to four lanes and constructing new signalized intersection at Thrifty Foods development. Including sidewalk construction. 


4th & 5th Streets at Menzies Intersection Upgrades

This project reconfigured the intersection for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists.


6th Street East & Back Road Intersection Improvements

This intersection was realigned to offer better sightlines for vehicles turning left off 6th St. East onto Back Rd. A dedicated left turn lane was installed on Back Rd to offer protection for vehicles turning left onto 6th St. East and to improve traffic flows.  The project improves safety for pedestrians crossing 6th St. East, and will also help prevent vehicles from skidding onto Back Rd. during slippery conditions. Cost to the City: $109,000 (includes paving)

Lerwick Road Widening

Widening Lerwick Road to four lanes and constructing new signalized intersection at Thrifty Foods development. Including sidewalk construction.  Cost to the City: $1,020,000

Traffic Signals – Lerwick Road at Malahat Drive

Upgrade from pedestrian-controlled crossing to fully signalized intersection. Cost to the City: $180,000

Valley View Drive sidewalk- Hobson Drive to Trumpeter Crescent

Construction of a sidewalk link between Hobson Avenue and Trumpeter Crescent. Cost to the City: $10,000

Ryan Road/Cowichan Avenue/North Island College Safety and Operation Study

Examines opportunities for improved pedestrian and vehicle movements at this intersection.  Information is shared with community partners, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and North island College. Cost to the City: $8,000


8th Street Medians

Constructed landscape medians on 8th Street between CliffeAve. and Fitzgerald Ave. Provided traffic separation, dedicated turn lanes for businesses, and improved aesthetics.  Cost to the City: $125,000

Piercy Avenue reconstruction

Reconstruct Piercy Avenue between Cumberland Road and 10th Street, including reconfigured intersection with new three way stop at 10th Street and Piercy Ave. Cost to the City: $450,000 (includes storm reconstruction and paving)

Traffic Signals- Lerwick at Mission Road

Upgrade from pedestrian- controlled crossing to fully signalized intersection. Cost to the City: $160,000


Pedestrian Signals

The City has been improving pedestrian crossings with pedestrian activated flashing beacons at various locations:

  • 8th Street and England Avenue (2011)
  • Cumberland Road at McPhee Avenue (2012)
  • Fitzgerald Avenue at 19th Street (2012)
  • Piercy Avenue at Cumberland Road (2012)
  • 17th Street at McPhee Avenue (2013)
  • 5th Street and Menzies Avenue (2013)

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is responsible for several roads in Courtenay, including:

  • Ryan Road
  • Highway 19A (sections)
  • Comox Valley Parkway

Visit their interactive Transportation Project Map to view recent and upcoming transportation projects in our community and throughout the province.

ICBC also supports road improvement projects through their Safer Roads program.  In 2012 alone this included several Courtenay projects in partnership with either the City of Courtenay or the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.