The Comox Valley is home to a large number of Bald Eagles.

According to the Province of BC, Bald Eagles nest in the largest live trees in a forest canopy, often choosing trees with broken tops, large open crowns, or a major fork which will support their massive nests. They nest close to their feeding areas, usually within a kilometer of shorelines, in order to minimize the energy used in bringing food back to the nest.

Their continued presence in our community depends on all of us.

Our activities can threaten their survival. This includes the loss of nesting and feeding habitats, and human disturbance.

Eagles are legally protected

It is an offense to possess, take, injure, molest, or destroy a bird or its eggs, or the nests of birds when occupied by a bird or egg (B.C. Wildlife Act, Section 34). Eagle nests are protected year-round, whether or not the nest is in use. Permission and a written permit from the Province are required to remove or modify a tree or snag containing an active nest of these species.

Learn more from the Province of BC:

Develop with care: Bald Eagles and Ospreys Fact Sheet (PDF)