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To make an application please email with a detailed summary of your development proposal.

Subdivision and Development Engineering Staff will contact you to discuss your application and provide you with the required application forms. When you are ready to proceed and have all of the required application materials you can request a file upload link to submit your electronic application materials to the Subdivision and Development Engineering Department. Staff will contact you with the required application fees and information on how to make a payment.

General Information

An owner or developer of a property within the City of Courtenay is responsible for the installation of services and infrastructure as required by a Subdivision or Building Permit.  Infrastructure servicing and development is governed by The Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw [PDF - 11 MB] .

The Approved Products List complements the Bylaw as it lists materials and products that are either approved, restricted or not allowed, for Works and Services performed with the City. This document is available upon request.

Subdivision and Development Servicing Permit Applications for Servicing

  • Application for Services(new services for properties within the City or Courtenay and for upgrading existing services). If you are submitting an application for services, you must fill in and submit all 5 pages of the application package.

What is Subdivision?

Subdivision is the act of altering legal property boundaries. Subdivision applications involve the division of a property into smaller lots, the realignment of existing property lines or the consolidation of two or more lots in to one single entity.  The approval process allows the City of Courtenay to review all of the elements of the application and ensure that the new lots meet the requirements of land use and development in the City of Courtenay’s jurisdiction. Provincial statutes mandate subdivisions to be approved by the municipalities Approving Officer, as per the Land Title Act.

The approval of the Approving Officer is required for the following applications:

  • Adjusting lot boundaries between two or more lots
  • Creating new lots form one or more lots
  • Creating lots in a bare land strata development
  • Creating strata lots through a phased strata plan
  • Subdivision of land for the purpose of leasing (for a term longer than 3 years)
  • Air space parcel subdivisions
  • Strata Conversions

Further considerations:

The Approving Officer considers the following elements in determining whether a subdivision will be approved:

 Further Information & Application Forms

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