Construction Underway for South Courtenay Riverway Extension

October 9, 2020

Construction has begun on the South Courtenay Riverway Extension between Millard and Beachwood Roads in south Courtenay. The 400-metre-long extension will be built on the site of an old railway corridor that is now owned by the City of Courtenay.

While the new trail will be consistent with other existing gravel sections of the Courtenay Riverway, this portion of the corridor is unique in one aspect. The majority of this section is bordered by private property on either side, including along the waterfront. Once construction is complete, trail users will be asked to respect private property and not trespass on these private lands. The corridor boundary will be clearly marked by a low rail and signage. The nearest beach access will remain at Millard Road.

Constructed is expected to be completed by mid-November.

The Courtenay Riverway is one of the Comox Valley’s most popular and scenic attractions. It is an important recreational connection, encouraging physical activity, active transportation, and well-being for residents and visitors alike. The existing Riverway Trail extends from 6th Street to Millard Road and is approximately 4 km long, depending on the route taken.

The South Courtenay Riverway Extension is the first phase of a project with a goal of eventually connecting the Courtenay Riverway to the Royston Seaside Trail.

Phase Two, planned between Beachwood Road and Marriott Road, is approximately 350 meters long, continuing along the historic rail corridor to undeveloped 1.4 acre waterfront City-owned parkland. Phase Two will not be constructed until an exit is acquired at Marriott Road.

Phase Three would connect Marriott Road to the regional trail at Chinook Road. As the City does not own land in this section, this phase will not proceed until a route is established.

For more information visit our project page for the South Courtenay Riverway Extension.