South Courtenay Riverway Extension

Start: 2020


Last Updated: March 9, 2020

Project Description:

Pedestrian and cycling connections and the enjoyment of our estuary are important to the residents of the Comox Valley. 

Courtenay Mayor and Council have directed staff to complete the Courtenay Riverway Trail, with an eventual goal of connecting to the Royston Seaside Trail. This decision is supported by the Official Community Plan, Parks and Recreation Master Plan, Connecting Courtenay: Transportation Master Plan and Cycling Network Plan, and the Comox Valley Regional Growth Strategy (external link).

The first phase of construction is planned between Millard Road and Beachwood Road.

Frequently Asked Questions - South Courtenay Riverway Extension

Thank you to everyone who attended the drop-in open house on November 19, 2019. Review the display materials from the open house:

Concept Plan [PDF - 3 MB]

Project Context [PDF - 3 MB]

Typical Trail Sections [PDF - 2 MB]

Precedent Images [PDF - 4 MB]

Courtenay's Existing and Proposed Trails [PDF - 2 MB]
via the Courtenay Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Riverway Property Ownership [PDF - 5 MB]

The Riverway Trail will provide an off-road, recreational connection to Downtown Courtenay and the rest of our valued trail network. It will be consistent with other sections of the existing trail.

An illustration of the potential trail design is shown below.


The trail will be constructed along the former rail corridor that is now owned by the City of Courtenay.

Media Releases

November 6, 2019: Open House for South Courtenay Riverway Extension


Project Status:

Planning Stage