Strengthening Communities Grant


The Comox Valley witnessed a marked increase in outdoor sheltering activity in public spaces after indoor shelter options were either closed or significantly reduced in capacity during the COVID 19 pandemic. This increase in sheltering activity persists today due to a complexity of factors, including but not limited to:  funding and limited supply of supported shelters, supported subsidized non-market housing, and affordable market housing.   There here has been a dramatic increase in homelessness within the region from 2018 to present.

Grant Description

In 2021 the CVRD was awarded a regional grant of $1.093 million through the Strengthening Communities' Services program. In 2022 an additional $898,603 was awarded. The purpose of the funding is to better support people experiencing homelessness in the Comox Valley through the provision of

  • A Daytime Community Access Hub that operates six days a week providing services focused on health, hygiene, personal safety, and administrative support to those in need. Funding supports security services and the creation/facilitation of a Community Advisory Committee.
  • Rural outreach on Denman and Hornby Islands to facilitate connections to housing and support services.
  • A peer-based outreach team to provide outreach and conduct cleaning and remediation activities around locations where support services are provided.
  • Community engagement and anti-stigma outreach activities, including expanded community meal events hosted at Sunday Service for residents, local businesses and people experiencing homelessness.
  • Training and capacity building activities across municipalities for local government and First Nation employees, politicians, outreach workers and volunteers focusing on trauma-informed

The funding strengthens Comox Valley's response to the increased demand/need for critical homelessness support services. Working with municipal partners and an advisory committee composed of the Comox Valley Coalition to End Homelessness, Comox Valley Transition Society, and Wachiay Friendship Centre, the City oversees the administration of this grant funding to established community outreach providers.

This web page will provide updates on outcomes realized directly from this funding

Grant Impact

It is challenging to summarize the full impact of this program to date, but videos and statements from the people the project reaches, and the service providers shed some light on impact.  The Quantitative data, or numbers, shed additional light.

“The good days are good, and the bad days are very bad…because people don’t care. They should. But here people have went out of their way and went that extra mile to help people that are poor”

More Voices From the Field

  • "I am new to my position and to working in the Comox Valley - and so seeing both this (Naloxone training) and the information on the Village come through your office/department is like a WOW to me. So just wanted to express appeciation."
  • “*** has consistently shown up to shifts and for the
    workers in any way he can. Being able to provide this work for
    him has greatly impacted his life in a positive way.””
  • “Connect is so important to us. I can always go there and get help. Without it I would never get to eat.”
  • “Having a reason to be a proud citizen because of outreach. To me it’s a part of the solution … I am part of that and in doing so it is self rewarding and in a small way I am making up for the bad choices and pain I caused in addiction.”
  • “… some days it is just too hard to feed myself… I really need it”
  • “Thank you Sunday Station, the numbers are certainly increasing out there on the streets as well. All we can do is our best and know that we as collaborators will continue to support each other and our community individuals….GREAT WORK YOU GUYS"

Support Services

The Comox Valley Coalition to end Homelessness has created a Street Survival Guide for anyone who finds themselves experiencing homelessness.

The Street Survival Guide can be accessed here

Training Opportunities

***Comox Valley Strengthening Community Workshops and Training Opportunities***

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