Report Highlights

Training Ground

Both studies have concluded the Courtenay Fire Department needs its own training ground.

Firewise Consulting

“We believe the training ground is a good long term investment for the City of Courtenay. The project as proposed will offer decades of training opportunities for firefighters and workers in other City of Courtenay departments such as Public Works for confined space training. The site is considerably larger than the training site in Comox and as such offers increased opportunity for multi-engine company scenario based training.

The Courtenay Fire Department would still use the Comox facility for “live fire” training but most other firefighter training and skills maintenance drills would take place at the new training grounds. A new properly planned training ground would complement the Comox facility by offering other training not available through the Comox Training Centre or elsewhere in the immediate area.

Building your own facility offers control over future training costs, scheduling availability and the ability to build training props to cover off specific risks factors that may be unique to the City of Courtenay.”

Fire Underwriters Survey

Recommendation 8.2-9 Improve Training Facilities

“The Courtenay Fire Department does not have adequate props and facilities for training. The following props and facilities are recommended to be developed with the City of Courtenay:

  • Smoke facilities and alternative for protective B.A. (Breathing Apparatus) Training
  • Wet drill facilities

  • Pumper test facilities

  • Flammable liquid fire facilities

Training facilities should be developed by the fire department in relation to the level of fire risk within the community so that realistic fire fighting training can be conducted.”

East Courtenay Fire Hall

Both studies have concluded that the City of Courtenay needs a fire hall in East Courtenay.

Firewise Consulting

“A second fire station located in east Courtenay makes both fiscal and operational sense for the following reasons.

Should a significant seismic event or flooding occur, a second station in east Courtenay would ensure at least some degree of fire/rescue services for the area where currently more than 50% of the city’s population reside. In a seismic type of an event, it is possible both access bridges over the river between east and west Courtenay could be compromised and your mutual aid partners will likely be overwhelmed by demands for service in their own immediate jurisdictions. 

The economic drivers for your community that operate in this area will benefit from the increased level of service.

There may be an opportunity for insurance rate premium reductions based on response distances for businesses and for some residents located in East Courtenay.

While it is true that service levels will be more equitable for East Courtenay residents, a second station also will improve the operational readiness throughout the city.”

Fire Underwriters Survey

Recommendation 8.2-4 Improve Distribution of Resources with Additional Fire Station in City of Courtenay


“Personal Lines and Commercial Lines insured properties located in the eastern area of the City of Courtenay did not receive full credit due to the number of excessive responses that were not within the recommended responses distances for first due, second due, and total concentration for engine and ladder companies.


Additional credit can be received for fire insurance grading purposes if a second fire station was built in the City of Courtenay.”