Open Burning

Open air fires are allowed by bylaw in the Courtenay Fire Protection District, Merville Fire Protection District and Tsolum Farnham Fire Protection District. 


Hand piled fires NO LARGER THAN 1m x 1m x 1m can be burned WITHOUT a permit between November 1 2020 and April 1 2021. Rules governing hand piled fires include:

1)      The fire is for yard clean up only,

2)      The pile is free of prohibited materials,

3)      Fire is under constant supervision until completely extinguished,

4)      Burning will be conducted during the hours between sunrise and sunset

5)      A suitable water supply for extinguishing the fire shall be provided,

6)      Address of property where burning is taking place shall be properly displayed.


Machine pile permits ARE REQUIRED from September 29 2020 and December 31 2020 and will be issued by appointment only. Please phone 250 334-2513 to schedule an inspection. Machine pile inspections will be conducted Monday to Thursday 0830hrs to 1530hrs. Machine pile permits will not be issued on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or stat holidays.


All fires are banned within the City of Courtenay year round.