Fire Service Review

In 2014, the City of Courtenay completed a lengthy and thorough evaluation of fire services and requirements. Two independent third-party reports recommended a second fire hall in East Courtenay, along with a training ground tailored to Courtenay’s specific community needs.

Based on these recommendations, a scenario-based training ground in East Courtenay, the W.A. Lane MacDonald Fire Training Centre, was completed in 2015. Council also voted to begin planning for an East Courtenay Fire Hall, subject to further design and cost review.

Courtenay Council approved $100,000 in the 2019 capital budget for detailed design and cost review of a satellite fire hall in East Courtenay, as well as an update to the Fire Underwriters Survey that was completed in 2014. Staff are working with a consultant on these initiatives. Once complete, this information will be presented to Courtenay Council for their consideration in late 2019.

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