Waste Collection Billing FAQs


  1. Who is the City’s contractor for waste collection?

    Emterra Environmental.

  2. Can I use another contractor for waste collection?

    No. Emterra Environmental holds the contract and exclusive right for the collection of all garbage, recyclables, yard waste, and cardboard within the jurisdiction of the City of Courtenay.

  3. I am a single family dwelling home owner; can I receive an annual flat utility invoice and/or request a different garbage schedule?

    No. The garbage schedule for single family dwellings is set as per the Residential Waste Collection Program schedule. Your annual garbage fee will appear on the annual Property Tax Notice. Annual flat utility invoices are applicable to commercial properties, multi-family/apartment/strata properties, and outside-city-user properties.

  4. I need to change the garbage and/or cardboard services being rendered, how can I do this?

    Please contract Emterra Environmental to request a change in your garbage and/or cardboard service. Emterra Environmental will provide the City with the appropriate information and an adjustment will be made to the utility account for any additional charges or a credit will be issued to the utility account for any decreases in services.

  5. I need an extra pick-up for garbage and/or cardboard, how can I do this?

    Extra pick-up(s) can be ordered by contacting Emterra Environmental. The City will invoice you for the additional pick-up(s) rendered.

  6. When will the annual flat utility invoice be due?

    Annual flat utility invoices are due during the month of July.

  7. What is the time period that my annual flat utility invoice covers?

    Annual flat utility invoices are for January 1 through to December 31.

    Adjustments to your utility account may be made throughout the year. Decreases in services rendered will result in a credit on the account and increases in services rendered, or extra pick-ups, will result in an additional invoice. To make a change to the services being rendered, please contact Emterra Environmental.

  8. I have received an invoice from Emterra, why am I also being charged for garbage on the annual flat utility invoice?

    Emterra will invoice for the applicable bin rental fees. The City will invoice for actual services rendered (for the pick-ups and bin tipping being done by Emterra). They are two separate charges.