Bill Payments

Payments for property taxes, development, building permits, and business licenses may be made in-person, online, by mail, or through the mail slot at City Hall. The City of Courtenay does NOT accept email transfers (e-Transfers).  

Please use other available payment methods:

Online Banking Instructions for Property Taxes and Utilities:

Instructions - Making Online Payments [PDF - 246 KB]

Other important information:

Please use one of the following options to pay property taxes:

Through your Financial Institution:

Online or Telephone Banking

Pay your taxes online through financial institutions. Do not wait until the actual property tax due date to pay through your financial institution. More information on banking deadlines

Use your roll number as the account number found on your property tax notice. 

Insert zeros to complete the beginning of the number if necessary. Most online banking programs will not accept the period character that separates the first 6 digits from the last 3. If yours won’t accept the character, omit it.

Please see the list below for the specific payee details that pertain to your financial institution.  If your financial institution is not listed, we are generally found as "Courtenay, City of", or "Courtenay - Taxes". 

Financial Institution City of Courtenay Payee Name
Bank of Montreal Courtenay, Taxes
Coastal Community Credit Union Courtenay, City of - Property Tax

In Person Through Your Financial Institution

Check with your financial institution for in-person payment options.

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Through your Mortgage Agreement

If you have made arrangements through your mortgage agreement to have your financial institution pay your taxes on your behalf, they will receive your tax information directly from the City of Courtenay.  

If you are unsure whether your mortgage company is paying your property taxes on your behalf, contact the City of Courtenay Financial Services to confirm the information we have on file and then contact your mortgage company directly for verification.

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 By Mail

Courtenay City Hall, 830 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC V9N 2J7

Available for all non-cash payments.

Make cheques payable to “City of Courtenay”.

Payments received by mail after 4:30pm on the tax due date are considered late.

All Home Owner Grants must go through the Province of BC (2021 Update). Submit Home Owner Grant applications directly to the Province of BC.

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City Hall Mail Slot

Courtenay City Hall is located at 830 Cliffe Avenue.

Make cheques payable to “City of Courtenay”.

Payments received in the drop box after 4:30pm on the tax due date are considered late. 

The drop box is located to the right of the City Hall main entrance doors, and is available for all non-cash payments. Submit Home Owner Grant applications directly to the Province of BC

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Preauthorized Payment Program

The Tax Payment Plan is for those who wish to pay their taxes in advance throughout the year. Payment occurs over 10 months, from August to May inclusive. Taxes are paid monthly via direct account debit on the first day of each month. Any balance outstanding for current year taxes will be subject to 10% penalty after the July due date.  Read your tax notice carefully to see if there is a further balance due. 

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Other Important Information:

Banking Deadlines

Do not wait until the actual due date to pay through your financial institution

To ensure your property tax payment has been received by the City of Courtenay on time, please make your payment prior to the due date. Most financial institutions do not process payments after 3 pm.

If a payment is made after your financial institution’s local cut off time on the due date, these payments will be processed with a payment date on the next business day and will be subject to a 10% penalty.

If a payment is rejected by your financial institution it will be subject to penalty.

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Home Owner Grants

Property owners eligible for the Home Owner Grant must complete their application each year prior to the tax deadline. Submit Home Owner Grant applications directly to the Province of BC.


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Tax Deferment Program

The Property Tax Deferment Program offered by the Province of BC is a low-interest loan program designed to assist qualifying homeowners in British Columbia with paying the annual property taxes on their principal residence. Learn more

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Have questions? We can help!

Contact City of Courtenay Financial Services at 250-334-4441 or e-mail