Property Tax Estimator

To estimate your 2021 municipal taxes, enter the property assessment value from your annual BC Assessment notice in the box below.

Please note:  The estimate provided applies only to residential properties (Class 01).

Please input your property value using numbers only, no special characters ($, commas, etc.)

Please note:

While taxes are collected by the City of Courtenay on behalf of several other agencies, the City does not have control over the tax rates set by these other agencies. Find out more about these agencies on their websites:

Total property tax estimates displayed are for the taxable value portion of your property’s assessment and do not include local service taxes (specified area charges, parcel taxes, frontage taxes, water, sewer and garbage user fees) or any possible reductions for eligible Provincial Home Owner Grants. 

If you have questions about the estimator or other tax related inquiries please contact the Financial Services Division at 250-334-4441 or email