Tax Payment Plan

The City of Courtenay offers a Tax Installment Payment Plan for those who wish to pay their taxes in advance or wish to make monthly installments on their tax account. 

Taxes are paid monthly via direct account debit as part of this program.

To be accepted for this program, an eligible tax payer must have chequing account privileges at a financial institution in Canada, and return a completed application to the City of Courtenay on or before July 15 for the following tax year.

This Tax Installment Payment Plan requires that the owner(s) enter into an agreement with the City authorizing automatic fund withdrawals from your account on the first day of each month August to May.

If you would like to apply mid way through the year, submit your application at least 14 business days before the the next withdrawal date (1st of every month between August and May).

Payment Options


The monthly installment amount is agreed upon between the applicant and the City of Courtenay at the time of application.  Fixed monthly installment amounts do not change from one year to the next unless a request is made by the applicant in writing to do so.  Any balance owing on the annual tax notice must be paid by the due date to avoid penalty charges.


The monthly installment amount is calculated on the previous years' gross taxes less the Home Owners Grant amount (if claimed) divided by the ten monthly payments.  Calculated monthly installment amounts are an estimate and are not guaranteed to cover the exact amount of taxes levied for the year.  Any balance owing on the annual tax notice must be paid by the due date to avoid penalty charges.

More information is available at City Hall.

Selling your Property?

In the event that you sell your property during the year while on the Tax Installment Payment Plan, you MUST terminate the installment plan.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to provide written or electronic notification the Finance Department no less than fourteen (14) business days prior to the next pre-payment date prior to the sale if they wish to withdraw from the plan to ensure payments do not continue after the sale.

The sale of property DOES NOT automatically stop the installment plan.