5th Street Rain Gardens

The rain garden on the 5th Street Complete Street uses plants and special soils to capture and clean rainwater runoff from the streets and sidewalks. It removes pollutants and catches sediment before they can flow into local waterways.

Rain Gardens help to:

  • absorb rainwater
  • reduce flood risk
  • reduce erosion in creeks and streams
  • protect fish habitat
  • improve water quality
  • replenish groundwater


5th Street Rain Garden Plant List:

  • Bluebeard
  • Kelsey Dogwood
  • Pixie Meadowbrite Coneflower
  • Beyond Blue Fescue
  • Blue Oat Grass
  • Siberian Iris
  • Privet Honeysuckle
  • Western Sword Fern
  • Dwarf Arctic Willow
  • Slender Sweetbox
  • Japanese Spirea
  • Common White Snowberry
  • Germander
  • Slough Sedge
  • Soft Rush
  • California Gray Rush