Official Community Plan

 Latest News

The Official Community Plan (OCP) has been updated and is now available in draft form.


The survey and public consultation phase are closed but you can still access all OCP materials on the OCP Update project page.


City staff are now reviewing the feedback, making changes to the draft OCP, and the OCP will be presented to Mayor and Council for adoption before summer 2022.


The next opportunity for the public to get involved will be at the public hearing.


If you have any questions on the OCP, email or phone City staff at: / 250 703 4839.

General Information

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is a tool for Council and citizens to manage change in our community. The OCP Bylaw, Local Area Plans and Map links below are for the OCP that is currently in effect.

The OCP sets out land use categories and approximate locations and densities of land uses. It includes a Development Permit section which helps strengthen the design, landscaping and environmental requirements for new development.   The OCP applies to the entire municipality and is the principal policy document that Council uses to make decisions on matters such as:

  • Land use
  • Growth management
  • Design of the built environment
  • Protection of the environment
  • Climate change
  • Transportation and mobility
  • Economic development
  • Infrastructure
  • Housing needs

Local Area Plans Contained in the Official Community Plan

Maps contained within the Official Community Plan

Development Permit Areas in the City of Courtenay

Development permits regulate form and character, signage, siting, landscaping, screening, lighting and parking.  For more information on each Development Permit Area, and the guidelines for development, see the following information from the Official Community Plan Part 8:

The following areas may also require a Development Permit (please check with Planning Staff for details)

How to Make a Official Community Plan Bylaw Amendment Application

An Official Community Plan amendment is required when a proposed land use designation is not permitted under the current land use designation for a property.

Step 1

Identify the current land use designation for the property you wish to amend. Ensure that your development proposal meets the required guidelines and regulations.

**Prior to submitting any application, you are advised to discuss the proposal including specific application requirements for your project and required fees with Planning Division Staff.**

Step 2

Read the Official Community Plan Amendment Application Form and Guidelines to understand the application process and required submissions. Complete the application form and compile the required application submissions prior to sending an application to the City.

Step 3

Read the following information handouts to become familiar with their requirements (this process takes placer after an application has been submitted (required with all OCP amendment applications). Staff will provide the applicant with the required list of notification labels for who they are required to notify for the Public Information Meeting or the Alternative Public Information Mailout Process (determined by the Director of Development Services).

Step 4

Read the following information handout to become familiar with the requirement for the installation of a Public Notice Sign on the property that the OCP amendment appication applies to. Staff will provide the applicant with the sign details and information for them to have the sign construction. 

Step 5

Complete the following forms and include them with the applications submissions (required with all development applications).

Step 6

When you feel that you are familiar with the requirements for making a OCP amendment application and have completed and compiled all of the required application submissions, contact Planning staff for a final review of submissions and staff will forward a link for you to upload your submissions to and provide you with the required application fees and methods available for payment.