Recreational Cannabis Regulations

Storefront Cannabis Retailers Policy

This policy was established in response to the legalization of cannabis by the federal government and the potential unregulated proliferation of storefront cannabis retailers. It is intended to address potentially adverse community impacts of storefront cannabis retailers, including inappropriate exposure of minors to cannabis and the undesirable concentration of storefront cannabis retailers.

3030.00.05pol Storefront Cannabis Retailers Policy.pdf [PDF - 15 KB]

Schools & Playground Buffers.pdf [PDF - 6 MB]


Thank you to all who attended the Recreational Cannabis Regulations Open House at the Florence Filberg Centre on July 4, 2018.

Display Panels - July 4, 2018 Open House [PDF - 5 MB]

The federal government has announced the legalization of cannabis starting October 17, 2018.


June 26, 2018: Provide Input on Recreational Cannabis Regulations in Courtenay

Reports & Publications:

September 4, 2018 Staff Report: Storefront Cannabis Retailers Policy [PDF - 2 MB]

June 18, 2018 Staff Report: Zoning Amendment Bylw 2935 (Storefront Cannabis Retailers) [PDF - 1.4 MB]

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