About Your Property Taxes

Property Taxes are due each year on the first working day after July 1st.

Approximately half of your overall tax notice consists of funds collected for use by the City of Courtenay to provide a wide range of municipal services such as police protection, fire protection, parks and trails, recreation, roads and storm drainage infrastructure, bylaw enforcement, building inspection, planning and development services, recreation, and cultural facilities.

The other portion of your notice consists of taxes collected for other authorities including the Vancouver Island Regional Library, Regional Hospital District of Comox-Strathcona, Comox Valley Regional District, as well as school taxes.  Although these amounts are shown on your tax notice, the City does not retain any of these funds.

2023 Property Taxes

The average homeowner in 2023 will see a projected increase in taxes of $394.24 over 2022.  Of this amount, $162.53 is an increase in taxation for the City of Courtenay delivered services and $231.71 is an overall increase in property taxation for other authorities. 

Residential and duplex non-metered properties are also billed on their tax notice for flat rate user fees relating to water, sewer, garbage and yard waste collection services.  The combined increase in these utility user fees for 2023 is $87.40.

Commercial Property Tax Change in 2023

The City of Courtenay collects property taxes on behalf of other agencies, however these agencies determine their tax rates independently of the City of Courtenay.

The average commercial property experiencing a property assessment change equal to an increase of 9.95% would have experienced an increase of about 11.2% for the municipal portion of the tax notice.

Commercial Class 6 encompasses a wide range of businesses, with a wide range of assessment valuations.


The average assessment on a single family residential home in Courtenay in 2023 was $716,077 (and $627,852 in 2022) .

Parcel tax (frontage) is imposed, by bylaw, upon each parcel of real property within the City of Courtenay, which is connected to or capable of connection to a water or sewer main, for the opportunity of use. Each year parcel taxes are calculated and assessed on all new or newly subdivided properties for all or part of the capital funding for the water and sewer service. 

How 2023 Taxes are Allocated