Building and Plumbing Permits

Interim Permit Application Procedures

Please be advised that while City Hall is currently closed to the public, Development Services is continuing to accept permit applications digitally. For small projects (accessory buildings, interior alterations of houses, etc), it is possible to submit hardcopy applications through the drop box at City Hall, however, all submissions will be held for 24 hours before being opened by City Staff. All new single family homes, new multi-family sites and commercial projects MUST be submitted digitally.

Please review the following handouts for information on how to apply for a permit and what requirements must be provided. Please note that we are currently not collecting fees at the time of application: all fees will be collected when the permit is ready to be issued. Applications submissions are not entered in the system until all applicable components are received.

General Information

Building permits are required before you build, demolish, repair or alter most buildings, decks, retaining walls, garages, carports, and secondary suites. Plumbing permits are required for the alteration of commercial and residential plumbing as well as for the installation of fire supression and irrigation systems.

On July 16, 2018, the City of Courtenay will no longer require separate plumbing permits for projects that have an associated building permit application. The building permit application includes plumbing information, such as number of fixtures and plumbing contractor information, and the plumbing portion of any works will be included in the building permit itself. If you are applying for a stand-alone plumbing permit, please note that the application form for plumbing permits is the same as the building permit. All incoming plumbing permits must be accompanied by a fixture schematic.

Building Permit Application Requirements

Geodetic Elevations on Site Plans

In accordance with the City of Courtenay's Building Bylaw No. 3001, 2020 for all new building permit applications relating to standard buildings (new residential, new commercial, etc). All submitted site plans should include the final proposed elevations at the four main corners of the building. This will allow City Staff to ensure that the plans comply with the development's lot grading plan.

Retaining Walls

For properties that require retaining walls, grade heights on either side of the walls shall be included for reference. For any retaining wall exceeding 1.2 meters in height must be accompanied by an engineer's sealed drawings and schedules. 

Retaining walls must also comply with the City's Subdivision and Development Bylaw No. 2919:

Section  5.22   Retaining walls: Retaining wall shall be a maximum of 2.4 meters in height. Where larger retaining wall heights are required, they must be constructed as a stepped wall. The step must have a minimum width of 1.8 meters or 75% of the height of the highest adjacent wall. 

Application Forms and Fees:

You must include both the "Owner's Undertaking" and the "2020 Damage to Infrastructure" agreements with your application form and permit submissions.

*Note: staff will calculate permit fees and any other associated costs due upon issuance of Permits

Information Handouts

The following handouts have been created to help understand the plans and attachments required for submission when making permit applications:

Example Drawings

Hazardous Materials