Development Permits

General Information

Development Permits regulate form and character, signage, siting, landscaping, screening, lighting and parking.

Development Permits are binding on the local government as well as on the holder of the permit. They may impose conditions including bonding, timing of construction and sequence of construction. They cannot vary the use or density allowed by the particular zoning of a property.

Designated areas within the City are subject to the issuance of Development Permits. The Official Community Plan establishes guidelines for the form and character of new development. These guidelines apply to the following:

  • Protection of the natural environmental, its ecosystems and biological diversity
  • Protection of development from hazardous conditions
  • Protection of farming
  • Revitalization of an area in which a commercial use is permitted
  • Establishment of objectives for the form and character of intensive residential development
  • Establishment of objectives for the form and character of commercial, industrial or multi residential development

When is a Development Permit Application Required

A development permit is required for the following within the established Development Permit Areas as described below:

  • Subdivision
  • Construction of, addition to or alteration of a building or structure, land or parking area
  • alteration of land in an environmentally sensitive area or land that is subject to hazardous conditions

Development Permit Areas in the City of Courtenay

Development permits regulate form and character, signage, siting, landscaping, screening, lighting and parking.  For more information on each Development Permit Area, and the guidelines for development, see the following information from the Official Community Plan Part 8:

The following areas may also require a Development Permit (please check with Planning Staff for details)

Development Permit Compliance Checklists

Compliance with the Development Permit Areas of the City of Courtenay Official Community Plan are a requirment with all development permit applications.

The related checklists below must be completed and submitted as part of your Development Permit Application:

How to Make a Development Permit Application

Step 1

Identify the Development Permit Area for the land you wish to develop (OCP Map #5 and related information handout links listed under the Development Permit Areas Section above. Ensure that your development proposal meets the development permit guidelines.

**Prior to submitting any application, you are advised to discuss the proposal including specific application requirements for your project and required fees with Planning Division Staff.**

Step 2

Read the Development Permit Application Form and Guidelines to understand the application process and requirements. Complete the application form and submit with the additional required information below.

  • Staff and Council encourage applicants to work with the Comox Valley Conservation Partnership ( early in the design stages of a project to obtain valuable feedback on design options that could help mitigate, improve or adapt to environmental conditions of the development site. Please indicate if you have contacted them.

Step 3

Complete the Development Permit Compliance Checklist for the area your development falls within (Required with all development permit applications).

Step 4

Complete the following forms and submit with all development applications.

Step 5

When you feel that you have completed and compiled all of the above and all of the required application submissions, contact Planning staff for a final review of submissions and staff will forward a link for you to upload your submissions to and provide you with the required application fees and methods available for payment.