Soil Fill and Placement

The City of Courtenay Soil Fill and Replacement Bylaw [PDF - 168 KB] regulates the addition and removal of fill on any parcel of land in the City. 

Review the Soil Fill and Replacement Bylaw [PDF - 168 KB] (section 6) to find out whether or not you need a permit. The work must be carried out in compliance with this and any other applicable City bylaw.

For the intake of soil removal / fill permit applications, the application will not be considered complete without:

  1. Schedule B-1 and/or B-2
  2. Schedule D-1 and/or D-2
    1. This schedule will be adjoined by plans & specifications pursuant to Clauses 7 & 8 of Schedules B-1 and/or B-2, as well as Section 8 of the Courtenay Bylaw 2359, prepared and sealed by a qualified professional
    2. Schedules E-1 and/or E-2 (partially filled)

The following conditions for soil and fill removal and placement are examples of exemptions under the bylaw:

  • As part of road construction including improvements, repair or maintenance
  • As part of works undertaken by a government authority (including for placement or removal on/from municipally owned lands and parks - for work conducted by the City of Courtenay)
  • If a building permit has been issued and the removal/placement is a necessary element of the permit's scope of work
  • As part of a subvision servicing agreement

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