Approved Products List

The Approved Products List (APL) specifies products approved for the construction of City-owned civil engineering projects. This list supports the construction standards contained in the Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw, the Master Municipal Construction Documents Association (MMCDA) MMCD Platinum, and MMCD Design Guidelines.

Current Approved Products List Effective March 2018

2023 Approved Products List

Product Review Request

To apply to have a product considered for the Approved Product List, please complete and submit a Product Review Request Form. Before submitting the request, make sure that all of the supporting documents are included – only complete submissions can be considered. Note that any interested party can submit a request – manufacturers, sales representatives, consultants, contractors, City staff, etc.

Product Review Request Form [PDF - 163 KB]


Product Review Process

Once a Product Review Request has been received, the Product Review Process can begin.

The application is reviewed by the Material Review Committee.

There are two possible review paths:

  1. A Product Review is used when a person or group submits an application hoping to have the product included on the Approved Products List for general use.
  2. A Product Awareness review is used when a person or group submits an application to share information about a product for specialized use.


Material Review Committee

The Material Review Committee examines Product Review Requests. They also periodically revisit previously approved products.

The Committee consists of City employees from a variety of divisions within the City. All sections of Engineering and Public Works are represented as well as members from the Development Services, Purchasing, and Recreation Departments. Additional staff members may also be involved with the review of products specific to their sections.