Recreation Contractors

Are you a Recreation contractor with some great class ideas and an interest in partnering with Courtenay Rec? We are looking for contractors that offer such programs as; sports, arts, dance, cooking or any other special interest classes.


Please return completed forms to the Lewis Centre or email them to

Information for Contractors

Why are Contractors required to have Insurance?

Contractors who provide services or supply goods to the City of Courtenay do so with varying levels of risk. To effectively manage the risk the City requires Contractors to obtain and maintain an adequate level of insurance coverage to protect themselves, the City and the public, from unpredictable or accidental loss or damage to property, and from third party claims for bodily injury, death, property damage or financial loss.

A self-employed worker is considered a “Contractor” with the City of Courtenay. They are responsible for their own payroll deductions, taxes, insurance, WorkSafe coverage and required licenses and permits. The City will require proof of such insurance, WorkSafe BC coverage and appropriate licenses and permits as part of the requirements to do work for the City.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Prior to commencing work for the City proof of coverages are to be provided in the form of a Certificate of Insurance (COI) and must include:

a) Comprehensive General Liability Insurance (CGL) policy with coverage of not less than $2,000,000 per claim and aggregate per year (hereinafter the CGL policy). The CGL policy shall include liability for Bodily Injury, Property Damage, and Non-Owned Vehicles, including Broad Form products and completed operations, shall name the City as an additional named insured and contain a Cross Liability clause. The CGL policy shall remain in full force and effect at all times during the term of this Agreement;

b) The Contractor is responsible for any deductible amounts under the policies. The cost of all insurance required by this Agreement shall be included in the Contractor’s fees.

d) The insurance policies shall be on terms satisfactory to the City. Insurance policies must be signed by an authorized representative of the insurance brokerage firm. Proof of the insurance policies, to the satisfaction of the City, and shall be delivered to the City prior to commencement of the Work. Such proof shall confirm that coverage is in effect, identify the City as an additional insured under the CGL policy, describe the type and amount of insurance, list major exclusions and agree to provide the City 30 days’ prior written notice of cancellation of any insurance policy.

Insurance options can be arranged through a broker/agency, or provided through a membership affiliation with a sport association (such as BCRPA, BC Athletics, BC Soccer, Basketball BC etc.) or Sport BC offers an insurance option for sport groups to purchase.

Business Licence

As per Bylaw 2523 any business operating within the City of Courtenay must carry a City of Courtenay Business Licence or equivalent (Intermunicipal or Inter-Community). More information and application information is listed on the City’s website on the business licences page.

WorkSafe BC

A Contractor is required to provide their WorkSafe BC account number to the City of Courtenay, so the City can source a Clearance Letter to ensure the Contractor is up to date in their reporting and assessments. Further WorkSafe documentation may be requested from the City as deemed necessary.

If you are a self-employed proprietor (you do not have any employee’s) you are not required to have WorkSafe BC coverage – but are strongly recommended to carry the Personal Optional Protection plan that is offered by WorkSafe BC.

If it is found that you have multiple employee’s without a WorkSafe BC account, the City will be responsible for your WorkSafe BC premiums. The premiums will be billed to you accordingly and the City will cease to work with you immediately until such time that proof is provided that you carry the appropriate WorkSafe BC coverage.

Licenses and Permits

Other licenses and permits may be required as part of the service you are providing to the City, your City of Courtenay contact will let you know if there are any additional requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by calling the Lewis Centre at 250-338-5371 or by email