Virtual Recreation

While we’re social distancing and self-isolating, it’s still important to focus on our physical and emotional well-being. Courtenay Recreation is offering
some Virtual Recreation classes during the COVID-19 crisis. Watch for more classes over the days to come.

Thank you to the Comox Valley Community Foundation for providing support that makes it possible for us to provide these videos to the public!

Practice the fundamental skill of throwing with Donovan

Donovan, our Active Living Programmer, has made a video on how to practice the fundamental skill of throwing with your child! This easy to follow video includes a fun throwing game.

Throwing is an essential skill to sports like baseball, dodgeball, and football. Children who develop fundamental movement skills like throwing are more likely to participate in sports when they’re older. For example, a child who isn’t competent or confident in their throwing abilities is much less likely to join a slow-pitch game than a child who is.

For a basic overhand ball throw:

1. Hold the ball in one hand
2. Stand sideways to the target, with your non dominant side closest to the target
3. Use your non dominant hand to point at the target
4. Using your dominant hand, pull the ball back past your ear (like a bow and arrow!)
5. Step forward with your opposite foot and throw the ball just like you’re giving a high-five!
6. Allow your arm to swing through and extend completely
7. Follow through with your arm – in direction of the target



Tammy's #2 Kickboxing and Ball Work

Our virtual classes continue with a second workout from Tammy! This 60 minute class features kickboxing and ball work. You will need a large fitness ball and some items you have at home such as small weights. This video is located on our facebook page, click the image to be directed to facebook.

Sheron's Yoga Warm-Up or Gentle Practice

Join our instructor Sheron for a relaxing full body yoga warm-up or gentle yoga. This video is designed to be used as you need it, either as a
warm-up with a pause to do some of your own practice or for a complete gentle yoga practice that will warm up, stretch and relax your body.
Included is a body scan as well as a short meditation at the end.


Kickboxing, Cardio and Strength with Tammy

Our friendly and fun instructor Tammy is helping everyone keep fit during the COVID-19 crisis. Check out this 60 minute video which includes
some exercises to do with toilet paper.



NIA with Ann Marie

Our first feature is a lovely NIA class from our instructor Ann Marie.This 30 minute dance and flow segmentis a great way to warm up
and move your body and relieve tension.