Development Variance Permits

General Information

A Development Variance Permit is issued by Council, and allows variations of zoning, subdivision or sign bylaw provisions. It cannot vary the use of land, density or floodplain specification established in applicable City bylaws. A variance permit is granted for a specific purpose and the development must conform to the specifications set out in the approval. Most permits deal with setbacks and height.

How to Make a Development VariancePermit Application

Step 1

Identify the regulations in the associated bylaw that you are requesting variances for (example: Zoning Bylaw, Sign Bylaw or Other). Ensure that your development proposal meets the required guidelines and regulations.

**Prior to submitting any application, you are advised to discuss the proposal including specific application requirements for your project and required fees with Planning Division Staff.**

Step 2

Read the Development Variance Permit Application Form and Guidelines to understand the application process and requirements. Complete the application form and submit with the additional required information below.

Step 3

Read the following information handouts to become familiar with their requirements (this process takes place after an application has been submitted (required with all development variance applications). Staff will provide the applicant with the required list of notification labels for who they are required to notify for the Public Information Meeting or the Alternative Public Information Mailout Process (determined by the Director of Development Services).

Step 4

Complete the following forms and submit with all development applications)

Step 5

When you feel that you have completed and compiled all of the above and all of the required application submissions listed on the application form, contact Planning staff for a final review of submissions and staff will forward a link for you to upload your submissions to and provide you with the required application fees and methods available for payment.