OCP Update

Courtenay's Official Community Plan is being reviewed and community input is important!

Why is the Official Community Plan being updated?

After nearly 15 years, the Official Community Plan (OCP) update is required to ensure it meets current population projections and community values, while continuing to meet statutory requirements. Courtenay has been experiencing steady growth and is projected to continue to be a desirable place to settle. The ultimate objective of the OCP update is to generate “climate friendly” community planning solutions in line with Courtenay Council's 2019 declaration of a Climate Crisis.

Please check back on this webpage to stay up to date on project updates and learn how to get involved.

Advisory Committee

Applications to form part of the Official Community Plan Advisory Committee (OCP-AC) are now being reviewed. The application intake has closed.


The City thanks all applicants for their interest, but only those applicants selected will be contacted. The City will keep all applications in case future opportunities arise.


The purpose of the OCP-AC is to provide Council with meaningful, integrated, technical input on a range of community issues related to the creation of the City of Courtenay climate friendly OCP.  The Committee shall provide technical guidance at key project milestones on long-term planning principles, policy development and ideas for partnership and acceleration of implementation strategies that support the ultimate goal of reducing community greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change.


The OCP-AC shall be comprised of individuals who represent the following topic areas:

  • Environmental Stewardship Organizations
  • Development Industry
  • Business Community
  • Economic Development
  • Health and Social Services including Housing
  • Arts and Culture
  • Youth and/or young adult representation (Grade 11 and up, aged 25 years and under), and seniors/older adult representation


Terms of Reference for the OCP-AC [PDF - 61 KB]


Information regarding the OCP-Advisory Committee:


  • Applicants must reside, be employed, own a business, be enrolled in a school, be a board member of a non profit organization that operates within Courtenay, and/or own or have interest in property within the City of Courtenay.

  • Members shall be appointed to the Committee for the full duration of the OCP update, which is approximated to be 16 months (until December 2020).
  • Meetings will occur on an as needed basis in support of key project milestones. It is a anticipated that approximately 6 meetings will be required. The first meeting is scheduled for November 1, 2019. The subsequent 5 meetings are anticipated to be within the following general timeframes. Please note that more or fewer meetings may ultimately be required:
    • Late January or early February 2020
    • Early or mid April 2020
    • Late April or May 2020
    • July or August 2020
    • November or December 2020
  • The OCP-AC is appointed by and reports recommendations directly to Council. City staff will provide support in arranging, facilitating and documenting the meetings.
  • All OCP-AC meetings are open to the public, for observation only.
  • Members shall serve without remuneration.
  • Meetings will take place at Courtenay City Hall at a mutually agreeable time for all Committee members.


What is the Official Community Plan update scope and timeline?

The OCP update will occur through five phases, generally and approximately described here. For a full description of the project scope, view the Official Community Plan Request for Proposals [PDF - 214 KB]

Dialog Design and Sustainable Solutions Group will be providing consulting services for the duration of the project.

Phase 1 (August – December, 2019)

  • Initiation
  • Work planning
  • Background research and review

Phase 2 (January – June 2020)

  • Technical analysis
  • Planning model development

Phase 3 (May-June 2020)

  • Detailed Community Consultation

Phase 4 (July – December 2020)

  • Policy draft and review
  • Community consultation

Phase 5 (December – February 2021)

  • Plan delivery
  • Council presentation and Bylaw adoption


What is an Official Community Plan?

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is a tool for Council and citizens to manage change in our community. The OCP sets out land use categories and approximate locations and densities of land uses. It becomes adopted as a Bylaw by Council and directs all other community plans including servicing plans, development design standards and the Zoning Bylaw.

New developments must be in line with the land use designations and other policies outlined within it.  The OCP applies to the entire municipality and is the principal policy document that Council uses to make decisions on matters such as:

  • Land use
  • Growth management
  • Design of the built environment
  • Protection of the environment
  • Climate change
  • Transportation and mobility
  • Economic development
  • Infrastructure
  • Housing needs

View Courtenay's existing Official Community Plan


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