OCP Update

The City of Courtenay thanks the hundreds of people who participated in the draft Official Community Plan (OCP) consultation by filling in the online survey, submitting written submissions, talking to City staff, or attending a presentation or virtual town hall.

Hundreds of individuals representing residents, businesses, community organizations and other stakeholders, participated in consultation of the draft OCP between January 17 and March 8 2022.

The survey and public consultation phase are now closed but you can still access the draft OCP materials below.

City staff will review all the feedback, make changes to the draft OCP, and present it to Mayor and Council for adoption before summer 2022.

The next opportunity for the public to get involved will be the public hearing.

If you have any questions on the OCP, email or phone City staff at: planning@courtenay.ca / 250 703 4839.

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Draft OCP

A number of documents and videos are available to help those interested take a sneak peak or a deep dive into the draft OCP.

Other OCP Detailed Information:

Arden Corridor Local Area Plan Amendments
The Arden Corridor Local Area Plan will continue to form part of the new OCP. Minor amendments are proposed to ensure that the Local Area Plan reflects the vision of the OCP. To view the proposed changes, click here [PDF - 5 MB].

Development Permit Area Guidelines
Development Permit Areas (DPAs) are offer a development application-oriented framework to ensure that development proposals support the community's broader aspirations as articulated in the OCP. DPAs guide form and character of large and infill developments and environmental, hazardous conditions and agricultural lands protection measures. The DPAs are designated in the OCP and the implementation-oriented guidelines will be adopted within the Zoning Bylaw. To review the detailed guidelines for all proposed categories of DPA, click here [PDF - 10 MB].

 Official Community Plan Videos