200 Back Road

Start: Fall, 2021

End: Fall, 2021

Last Updated: August 12, 2021

Project Description:

Pending public tender results, contractors working on behalf of the City of Courtenay will be installing drainage improvements to municipal infrastructure located on 200 Back Road. The works, which are required to reduce stormwater back-up and flooding risk, reduce maintenance requirements, and increase worker safety during maintenance operations, include improvements to an existing earthen berm, replacement of an existing trash rack, and addition of safety improvements.

The contractor will mobilize in October, 2021, and is expected to complete works by the end of the month. Construction activities are generally expected to occur during standard working hours.

Construction activities will be contained within the existing Statutory Right of Ways (SRWs) on 200 & 210 Back Road, with construction laydown to be generally confined to the visitor parking spaces seen in the below. Access will be via 200 Back Road’s main access.

The construction contract will be awarded through an open public competitive tendering process.

The City of Courtenay will obtain all necessary regulatory permits for this project. Due to potential fish presense in downstream waters, an environmental monitor will be present during construction activities.


Project Status: