Dingwall Steps

Start: Fall 2023

End: Spring 2024

Last Updated: February 16, 2024

Project Description:

Dingwall Steps – Project Update: The City is pleased to announce that the stairs are fully functional and can be used starting immediately. The only component yet to be completed is the lighting installation, this phase is expected to be finalized by mid-February 2024. We appreciate your patience and support throughout this project. 

The Province of British Columbia has announced funding for a project that will improve connectivity for people who walk and bike in and around East Courtenay and beyond.

The Dingwall Steps Project will connect Dingwall Road to Carmanah Drive.

The project will include:

  • Structural steel and concrete steps

  • Rest areas

  • Benches and railing

  • Asphalt pavement connecting to steps

  • Bike channel

  • Lighting

  • Trees

  • Landscaping

The Dingwall Steps Project will benefit pedestrians and cyclists traveling to and from North Island College, Queneesh Elementary School, North Island Hospital - Comox Valley, transit connections, and the commercial centre at Ryan and Lerwick roads.

The top of the trail will provide a scenic viewpoint overlooking Courtenay and the Comox Glacier.

The project will support people commuting on foot and by bike, getting active outdoors, and contribute to a more active and sustainable city.

Through the detailed design process and site condition assessments, the proposed single-track trail adjacent to the stairs was determined to be no longer feasible, and has been removed from the scope of the Dingwall Steps project. 

Construction of the project will begin this fall, and be completed in the spring of 2024. 

See project drawings and site photos

The Dingwall Steps were identified as the top priority for trail development in the City's Parks and Recreation Master Plan to increase east-west connections in Courtenay.

This project is made possible thanks to funding from the Province of British Columbia through the BC Active Transportation Infrastructure Grant Program.

Project Status: