City Branding Refresh

Start: Early 2023

End: Fall 2023

Last Updated: November 30, 2023

Project Description:

The City of Courtenay has introduced new branding, including a simpler version of the official crest.

The City’s long-standing crest was first designed decades ago, and the ways we communicate have changed a lot since then. Our new simplified crest keeps all of the major elements of the official one, and will be easier to print and display, including online, on mobile devices and social media.

This update will improve the efficiency and functionality of materials prepared by and for the City of Courtenay, saving time, and eliminating challenges with printing the official crest, particularly when printing on materials other than paper.

Changes to the crest will focus on digital materials at first. Print and other materials will be updated gradually as they are replaced or refilled. To minimize waste and expense, some colour has been carried over from previous branding.

Over time you will see the simplified crest across all City communications.

Updating City branding was identified as a strategic priority in 2022. Work on the project has been ongoing throughout 2023.

Fresh look for City communication

The simplified crest is just one part of a project that will update a wide array of materials shared by the City in print and online, ensuring information is easy to read, more accessible, and visually appealing. Accessibility considerations include fonts, colour contrast, and formatting.


Updated City of Courtenay Colour Palette: 


 Courtenay Recreation activities and programs

 Courtenay Recreation offers activities for all ages, interests, and abilities. Their new look will be incorporated on posters, ads, brochures, and more, and will be geared toward everything from preschool play activities to yoga for adults. 

New Courtenay Recreation Colour Palette:


Using the new City crest

If you represent a partner organization wishing to update the City crest on your communication materials, or if you have general questions about the updated branding, please contact

Project Status:

In progress