Drainage Improvement: 26th Street (Cliffe & Fitzgerald Ave)

Start: October 28, 2019

End: Late November

Last Updated: February 4, 2020

Project Description:

Contractors working on behalf of the City of Courtenay will be installing a drainage swale* and catchbasins along  a strip of City property behind 2401 Cliffe Avenue (Glacier View Plaza). The drainage swale will be connected to a stormwater main on 26th Street.

Work will take place on 26th  Street between Cliffe and Fitzgerald Avenues and along the west property line of the parking lot of Glacier View Plaza. Construction is scheduled to begin on Monday October 28, 2019 and is expected to be completed by the end of November. 

The project will begin on 26th Street and progress north along this undeveloped City property. Please be prepared for minor traffic delays in the area while the work zone is on or near 26th Street. Traffic control personnel will be on site to direct vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

The remainder of the work will be accessed from a closed parking area along the west property line of Glacier View Plaza. Access to the garbage enclosures and to the rear entry of the businesses in the plaza will be maintained throughout the project.

Schedules will be updated as work progresses.

*What is a drainage swale?

A drainage swale is a shallow ditch that helps divert and direct rain water to alleviate the potential for surface flooding. The 26th Street project will direct water flows towards municipal stormwater infrastructure.          


Project Status:

Construction Complete.  In maintainance period.