Riverside Sewer Upgrade FAQs


  1. Why is this additional sewer line being installed?

    The existing sanitary sewer serves the majority of west Courtenay, and is nearing full capacity. Twinning the sewer will more than double the current capacity to support our growing community into the future.

  2. How will this impact commuters crossing the 17th Street Bridge?

    Work on 17th Street near the bridge (Highway 19A) will take place at night (7:00 pm to 6:00 am) to reduce traffic disruptions.

    Updated August 19, 2019: Planned overnight work across 17th Street has been rescheduled by the contractor. This phase of the project will now start on Sunday August 25 and will be completed by the end of August. At least one lane of traffic flow on 17th Street will be maintained in both directions at all times during this overnight work.

     At least one lane of traffic flow in each direction through the work zone on 17th Street will be maintained at all times. The City is grateful to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for their cooperation and assistance in scheduling this portion of the project.

  3. How will local traffic on Riverside Lane be accommodated?

    Traffic on Riverside Lane between 19th and 17th Streets will be reduced to single lane alternating and traffic control personnel will be on site to direct vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists within the work area.

  4. Will access to Standard Park be affected?

    No, access to Standard Park will not be affected by this project.

  5. Who is the contractor?

    The construction contract was awarded through an open public competitive tendering process to  Wacor Holdings Ltd.

  6. Is this project within an archeologically sensitive area?

    Yes, the project area falls within a known archaeologically sensitive area, and great care will be taken to ensure all appropriate steps are taken.  Appropriate permitting has been obtained, and the site will be actively monitored during construction.