BC Hydro Update Monday October 17

October 17, 2016

From BC Hydro:

"Things worked out well over the weekend.

There have been daily coordination conference calls since Wednesday to prepare for these storms. That ended on Sunday as the third storm passed. There was also email communications with key Comox Valley emergency response leaders on the storms.

A few things were in our favour in avoiding any potential downstream flooding from the third storm on Saturday/Sunday:

  • We had less rainfall than forecasted, as about 55 mm fell versus the forecasted +75 mm;
  • The timing of the rainfall and the peak Browns and Tsolum river flows were midnight Saturday, and almost exactly at the low tide, was far better than the high tide at 6:18 am on Sunday;
  • The good storage in the reservoir allowed BC Hydro to be extra aggressive in holding water back at key times; and
  • Ocean storm surge was not as bad as what it could have been.

The combined flows of the Tsolum and Browns from storm #3 provided the highest stream flows but it was all about the timing.

The Comox Lake reservoir has moved up from 133 metres at the beginning of the storms to now sit at 134.15 metres. It’s levelling off. Water free spills over the dam at 135.33 metres. We will continue to provide spills from the Comox dam of about 110 m3/s through Tuesday to lower the reservoir and will adjust accordingly beyond that time.

For public safety and the high stream flows, please stay away from the Puntledge River system through Tuesday."