Puntledge River: Flows to Increase for Flood Risk Management

December 1, 2015

From BC Hydro:

"BC Hydro has following a series of moderate storms that are tracking towards the region, with the first one hitting today. The forecasted third storm, around Saturday, may be the strongest. Precipitation rates over the next five days may total 200 mm.

The Comox Lake reservoir is around the middle elevation range at 133.5 metres. The reservoir can fluctuate between 131 metres and 135.3 metres. During this time of year, storm season, we like to keep the reservoir below 134 metres to so we have storage room and flexibility to absorb water inflows for flood risk management considerations.

Our current discharge from the Comox dam is about 33 m3/s. Beginning tonight, we will double the Puntledge River flow to about 65 m3/s and likely keep it at that level through to next week. Our operations are subject to change based on actual water inflow rates from these storms and changing weather forecasts. 

We ask the public to be cautious around the riverbanks of the Puntledge River through this week and into next week. Safety warning signage is going up this afternoon.

Some of the highest oceans tides of the year were last week and the daily high tide is trending downward, being about 0.5 of a metre lower by this weekend at about 4.7 metres in height. 

There is no downstream flood risk."