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Emergency Calls

When you need assistance from the Courtenay Fire Department for emergency situations, the 911 system provides immediate access to our services. Regardless of where you are calling from, when you dial 9-1-1, special 911 operators at the RCMP dispatch centre located on Ryan Road in Courtenay will answer your call. Once you have instructed them that you require fire department services, your call will be transferred to the 911 Fire Dispatch Center in Campbell River.

When the fire department dispatch centre has received your call, the system in most cases will be able to identify the number of the telephone you are calling from, as well as the actual address of the phone and the name of the registered owner. If you do call 9-1-1 but cannot speak or unable to continue the call, help will still be sent to you. This problem is not uncommon; sometimes people are panicked or disoriented when they call in an emergency or are in personal danger and cannot speak. The advantage of the automatic location identification in the "enhanced" 911 system accommodates this problem as it provides the caller's location.

The call-taker will ask for your name, address and phone number, and the nature of the emergency. This information is required in all emergency reports. Answer all questions as clearly as possible so the proper resources can be dispatched to your location.

Non-Emergency Complaints / Inquiries

For inquiries and non-emergency complaints, please contact the fire hall during regular working hours.

Daytime Staff Contact Information

Six daytime staff are scheduled Monday to Friday 800am to 430pm at the Fire Hall Office (excluding holidays)